Lastovo Holidays is inspired by island life, a state of serenity, tradition, nature, and community. This is a place where you can eat delicious Mediterranean food, explore ancient history and go on an adventure! Enjoy your vacation on this remote Adriatic island while we take care of your accommodation, health, fitness, entertainment, and transport. We promise your stay here will be an unforgettable experience.

Lastovo Holidays is organizing fitness holidays every summer. Sports lovers from all over the world come to spend their active vacation on this beautiful island. The holidays last for a week and the official language is English, so it’s easy to make new international friends. The program is created so that it suits every individuals needs and goals, meaning everyone is welcome, no matter your level of training. There are also exciting free time activities included in the program!

Lastovo Holidays is also open for guests who don’t need a program. We have cozy, clean, air- conditioned accommodations with the view of an amazing swimming pool in the Adriatic Sea! There are two locations and types of holiday apartments and you can check them out here.

Lastovo Holidays has got you covered, in case you are curious about the island and want more freedom to explore. Whether it’s land or sea you want to discover, take a look at these scooters, kayaks, and SUPs you can rent here.

Lastovo Holidays is a wish of one Lastovo’s native, Ivan Čihoratić, to share his island with everyone in need of the natural beauty and life energy it has to give. In order to do so, Ivan renovated spaces on the island into modern accommodation and work out facilities. He got the best equipment and the best views for his guests. He gathered around him a team of chefs and servers who live Mediterranean cuisine and culture every day.

His team of trainers, physical therapists and nutritionists is hand-picked amongst the best professionals. He has drivers ready to pick you up any minute now… Ivan made his active lifestyle on Lastovo a dream for many of his previous, current and future guests. And he can’t wait for you to discover Lastovo Holidays too! If you want to know more or have an idea on how you would like to  spend your Lastovo holidays, let him know.